October 21st, 2010

The Ravens had their first overtime game in a while. While it was somewhat nice to see extra football, that was a tough loss for sure. Happily though, Baltimore lost a game in New England last year during the regular season, but won the wild card game against the Patriots quite easily.

This week, I will be breaking down the top 3 running backs in the NFL. So, get it started…

NUMBER 3: Steven Jackson!
Jackson has struggled through years of monotonous losing seasons in St. Louis behind a weak offensive line. Even so, he managed to post a 1,000 yard season every year since 2005. Now, the Rams seem to be on the rise, and Jackson is on pace to do it again.

NUMBER 2: Adrian Peterson!
The thing that impresses me the most about Peterson so far is the fact that he seems to have fixed his fumbling problem. All that aside, he is one of the most explosive backs in the NFL. It was a VERY close call between Peterson and the guy who is number one. Speaking of whom. . .

NUMBER 1: Chris Johnson!
While he has gone through a bit of a slump (for him, although he will still put up numbers that many other backs could only dream of), he is still, in my mind, the best all around RB in football. Impact players like him will pay off on your fantasy roster.

One notable omission from this list is Arian Foster. While I'm very impressed with his accomplishments (231 yards against the Colts), I notice that he has also had a few games where he has been inconsistent. However, if he keeps it up, he will find a spot on this list. For now, let's just give him the honorary number 4 spot.

Well, that's all from this corner.

See you between the sidelines!

Kid Reporter-KC

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