January 29th, 2013

Jared's Super Bowl Tradition

Here we go, Super Bowl XLVII Brother Bowl (Harbaugh vs Harbaugh)!


Ray Lewis enters the stadium to perform his second to last dance on a NFL field.  This dance makes the whole stadium come alive with energy.  It makes the 49er’s offense want to cry to their mamas in fear of him.  Lewis will make 15 tackles and will sack Colin Kaepernick which will cause a turnover.  Ed Reed will recover the ball for the Ravens and take it to the house for 6.  Baltimore Ravens vs San Fransico 49er’s final score 27 -17 Ravens. Now Lewis’last dance and the crowd erupts.  M.V.P. L52 (Ray Lewis).


My family makes a lot of different snacks on Super Bowl Sunday.  We all watch the game together and eat lots of food.  Some of my favorite Super Bowl foods are chili, Skyline dip, firehouse pizza, ranch dip, cucumber sandwiches and soda.  I like to watch the commercials too.  Every Super Bowl morning, I create a fake Super Bowl on Madden 13 to see who will win. 





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