February 14th, 2013

Jacoby Jones Deserved MVP

Jacoby Jones definitely deserved to win MVP. Jacoby Jones set history in this year's Super Bowl.


For starters, on the opening kickoff of the second half, Jacoby Jones ran the ball into the history books. Jacoby Jones ran the ball from one end zone to the other end zone for a 108 yard touchdown. Jacoby also had a 56-yard touchdown reception to cap off a historic night.


Jacoby Jones set 4 other records in this year's Super Bowl. He had the longest play (tied,108 yards), the most all-purpose yards (290), the longest kickoff returned for a touchdown (tied,108 yards), and the most touchdowns on plays of 50 or more yards (2). All of the players on the Baltimore Ravens did great, but I think that Jacoby Jones deserved to be Super Bowl MVP.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter



Who should have won Super Bowl MVP?

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