December 30th, 2009



I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas! I got my football, as well as a LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (the most recent version of this robot) and a set of skateboarding pads. So...while the robot runs wild in my room, I get started writing this.

I'm going back to my regular style of hot picks this week.

QB: Jay Cutler! From my sit-'em list last week, to my hot pick this week, Cutler proved himself by throwing 4 touchdowns and only one INT. I expect him to have a good game against the Lions defense, as "Da Bears" play Detroit.

RB: Chris Johnson! He is still chasing that 2,000 yard season, and he helped his cause by running for 142 yards and a touchdown. He is pushing history now. He needs 128 yards to make 2,000. I think he will do it against the Seattle Seahawks.

WR/TE: Brent Celek! He had only 4 catches, but for 121 yards! That's an average of over 30 yards per catch!

"It's win or go home!" While this phrase is usually reserved for the playoffs, it certainly applies to the Ravens vs. the Oakland Raiders. Oakland has gone on an upset tour this year, as they have beaten the Eagles, Broncos, Bengals and Steelers. Baltimore is not looking to be on that list, but one loss will end their season. If the Ravens win, they're in.

If they don't win, they are out. Baltimore needs to stop shooting themselves in the foot, as they had a few touchdowns called back last week because of penalties. The Ravens intercepted Ben Rothlisberger with about 1:00 left on the clock, but that also got called back because of a flag. They also had a sure touchdown that hit off Derrick Mason's hands and dropped harmlessly to the ground. If Baltimore can eliminate the mistakes, then you will be seeing them in the playoffs. I think the Ravens will win it by a score of 24-7.

By the way, I need to give a shout out to the 5 Ravens that made the Pro Bowl. Here they are: Ray Lewis, Le'Ron McClain, Haloti Ngata, Ed Reed and Ray Rice. Everyone but Rice is a starter.

My New Year's plans aren't that much. I'm going to go to the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, DC. I'll let you guys know how that went. After that, I will probably come home and watch some football (what else?).

That's all from me.

Get your pads on, it's game time!

Kid Reporter-KC

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