November 23rd, 2011

Flacco deep downfield to Smith. . .CAUGHT! TOUCHDOWN RAVENS!

Over the course of a NFL season, it's easy to overlook the talents of one of your team's players. I, too, have been suffering from this cognitive lag regarding Baltimore's home grown receiver Torrey Smith. Smith, who attended the University of Maryland before his selection in last year's draft, has shown maturity well beyond his age. His game-winning catch against Pittsburgh may prove to be the most crucial play of the season when it comes to playoff positioning.


I apologize for being so sporadic with my postings--my first year of attending high school and playing varsity football, on top of a recently broken collarbone suffered during practice which required 6 screws and a plate to repair has made it almost impossible to keep up, but now I have more time, so you will see more from me in the coming months



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