January 5th, 2010



The regular season is now over and the playoffs are starting. This week the four wild card games are: Jets vs. Bengals, Ravens vs. Patriots, Eagles vs. Cowboys, and Packers vs. Cardinals. I think that in the AFC the Patriots and Jets will be coming out with a victory and in the NFC the Eagles and Packers will win.

Last week the Jets wrecked the Bengals 37-0 so I don't think that this week will be any different. The Jets will take the game 31-10. I think that the Patriots and Ravens game will be the closest game because Wes Welker will not be playing. Not having Welker on the field will take a big load of the Ravens defense. I'm guessing and hoping that the Patriots will still be able to win but probably only by a field goal or two.

I think that the despite the last game the Eagles and Cowboys played the Eagles will still be able to come out with a victory. This year the Eagles haven't had a great ground game so the main focus will be on Donovan McNabb. If he is able to have a good game they will take the win.

The Packers beat the Cardinals in there last meeting which also happened to be last weekend 33-7 and this week shouldn't be any different. I think the Packers should be able to stay consistent and beat the Cardinals again but this time with a closer score like 27-20