December 18th, 2012

Is it

Hey fans, I know it's been a while, but we are back! I hope everyone is enjoying this NFL season like I am.

First, know matter what team you root for, I think everyone has to agree that Peyton Manning is just an all around awesome player. If you would x-ray his heart I guarantee you it would be in the shape of a football. This guy is playing like he has never missed a game. And no, I am not a Broncos fan, just a Manning fan!!

Ok, enough about Peyton. Let's get on to his former team. At the start of the season I figured the Colts would have a struggling year with rookie Andrew Luck. Not that I thought he was not talented, but needed to get his feet wet with some of the new receivers and such. BUT WOW, it is really clicking in Indy!! I am so pumped up about this season and what Luck has brought to this team. His style of playing and how he works with his teammates remind me of when Manning was there. Especially how it comes down to the last quarter and being behind and boom, WE WIN!! Sorry 49'rs...

See you in the playoffs!!!
Until next time, keep your tube on NFL!!!


NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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