April 30th, 2012

Interviewing the Top Draft Picks of 2012

As an NFL RUSH Kid Reporter who had the opportunity to report live from the NFL Draft, here are some of the questions I asked the players only minutes after they were selected by the NFL teams.


I asked Andrew Luck: “How do you feel about playing in the footsteps of a legend like Peyton Manning?” He said humbly: “Obviously, you don't really replace him.  You just try and do the best you can.  He was my hero growing up, but you try and do the best you can.”


I asked RG III: “How do you think you'll be able to fit in with the quarterbacks from the NFC East? He said: “You try not to fit in anywhere. You try to just see where you mold, and obviously, I mold with the Redskins, but you don't play quarterbacks in this league.  You'll always be compared head to head, but you play defenses. I'm looking forward to playing the defenses in this division.” It was also nice to see RG III’s Dad, Robert Griffin Jr. there with him.


I asked Michael Brockers: “What advice do you have for kids who want to play football? He told me to “Just work hard, continue working.  I've dreamed about it as a kid, and a lot of guys dream about it, and if you can work at it and keep going and never stop, you can accomplish anything you think about or dream about.”  His advice wasn’t just good for football but also a lot of things in life.


I asked Quinton Coples: “How do you feel about sacking Tom Brady?” He said “Oh, yeah, by far, definitely have to sack Tom Brady.”


I want to thank the NFL and staff member Julia for giving me this amazing opportunity. I am looking forward to the 2012 season to see how these draft picks perform this year.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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