June 13th, 2013


Tim Tebow just signed with the Patriots, who are the rivals of the New York Jets, Tebow's former team. The big question is how will he be used? Will he play quarterback, fullback, tight end, or another position?

Many think he'll play tight end. I think he will play 3rd string quarterback because they already have Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernendez. They could try to introduce him to fullback, but he hasn't had any training at that position, even though he is a good runner and he is built like a fullback.

If you narrow it down, the best position for Tim Tebow is quarterback because he won't be a huge distraction as a backup and he would have a Hall of Fame quarterback in Tom Brady that he can learn from for years to come. Brady will be a much better mentor than Mark Sanchez or Kyle Orton. If the Patriots succeed in making Tim Tebow a backup quarterback they will save their season from a circus.

What position would you have Tim Tebow play if you were Bill Belichick?

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