September 29th, 2016

Hold Onto Your Kibble, Bert's Racing into Week 4!
I DO NOT want to talk about week 3! I’ve been in the doghouse all week because of it. I went "Oh and" I can't even say it. Fluffy has been strutting around like her cat box doesn't stink! Well, it does. So I'm racing hard into week 4 - this week is my redemption!

Check out these shocking underdog pics - from your favorite NFL Rush dog!

My picks for week four are in bold below. bold below. 
Seattle Seahawks vs New York Jets. The Jets had their chew toys handed to them by the Chiefs last week. They completed my trifecta of terrible picks! Well, I believe in second chances. Heck, I’m a dog, I believe in multiple chances! The Jets are going to shock and stun the Seahawks on Sunday. I’m going to have some Bird Stew for my 'coming out of the doghouse' party!

Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers. Get ready for this one! The 49ers are going to pull off a big one this weekend and squeak by the visiting Dallas Cowboys. Did someone say squeak? I’m going to go find my squeaky toy. Woof!

New York Giants vs Minnesota Vikings. Some people are picking the Vikings to go all the way to the Super Bowl. I’m not one of them here in Week 4. I think they’re going all the way to the locker room to lick their wounds and soak their weary bodies because Eli and co are going to be an aerial bombardment to Minnesota and sink those Viking long ships.

Last week’s record: 0-3
Season record: 3-6

Now it’s your turn! Make your picks and then get your fantasy lineup ready. Week four is on the way!

This is Bert signing off. We’re about to hit 60MPH and I got bugs in my teeth!