November 12th, 2013

Hey You!  Grab Your Helmet, You're Going In!

Feeling the call?  You know Manning is going to put up some jumbo numbers.  You know that Brees is a monster with huge stats.  Who do you want at receiver?  Megatron?  Dez Bryant?  How about Demaryius?  Not playing NFL RUSH Fantasy football yet?  NO PROBLEMO. All you do is pick six playersand then enjoy the weekend while your points accumulate.   Each week is a new score for you and you can win prizes.

You can also join a league.  There are loads of public leagues — we’ve created a new league below for new players and existing players.   If you don’t like that,  you can always create your own league and invite your friends to join!
Here’s the new league: 



Get in the game!  Remember, all players are eligible for weekly prizes!  Now that’s a fine way to enjoy the weekend!

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