September 18th, 2012

Heavy Hitter

If I ever play football in the NFL one day, I would like to be a fullback or a linebacker.


I love to hit and open up the hole at the fullback position. It feels good when your running back runs for a big gain, and you made a big block to help him with that. There is also a little bit of pressure with fullback, because you have to react to what the linemen do. If they miss their block, you have to pick it up. Goal line runs are pretty sweet too. Fullback is more than what it seems, and I would like to play a James Casey position.

If I played defense, I would want to play linebacker. This position gets the most action, and you get to hit and cover. I also have pretty good hands, so I would make a few interceptions along the way. It also is exciting when you hit a running back hard for a loss. I would want to be like Brain Cushing.


Both of these positions require toughness and skill. Tell me what you play, or want to play, in the poll below!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


What position would you like to play, if you were in the NFL?

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