Whoa! Randy Moss was one of the greatest WRs EVER.

Monday was Randy Moss' 40th birthday.

Check out his best 40+ yard receptions during his NFL career.

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  • New England Patriots

    February 20

    patriotfan05 · starter

    Thanks Moss for helping the Patriots win some great games

  • Green Bay Packers

    February 17

    sleepytiger · 2nd string


  • New England Patriots

    February 16

    gronkrules87 · free agent

    Nice, real nice

  • Carolina Panthers

    February 15

    isimmons · 2nd string

    Moss is the boss

  • Cincinnati Bengals

    February 15

    hatslippers · 2nd string

    HI Randy. I didn't have enough time to watch this whole video.

  • New York Jets

    February 14

    timtebowjetsrock · 2nd string


  • Oakland Raiders

    February 14

    yuckybut · free agent

    He has too many 40+ yard receptions