July 22nd, 2014

Guess the Mystery Rusher

Like most of us you're a big fan of the NFL team Rusherz. You watch the "NFL RUSH ZONE: Guardians Unleashed" television series and you fight side by side with them in Megacore.

But do you *know* your Rusherz? Time to prove it! Guess which Rusher is silhouetted in the picture above!

1. Rather than cleats, this rusher is partial to boots.

2. He's a master of rope tricks, and will use his Star Spur power to throttle his opponents.

3. You saw him help save the day in the Rivals Revisited and All Star Deception episodes.

4. He has Michael Irvin's home phone number.

5. He might be the only rusher who owns his own horse.

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