January 10th, 2014


Wow, what a great comeback for the Colts! It seems like Luck is following Manning's footsteps. They both like to wait until the 4th qtr to pile it on their opponents. I knew they had it in them to win over the Chiefs after just beating them but I was not too sure before the 4th qtr. Andrew Luck takes control like Peyton did to get the job done. He starts hitting different receivers and mixes up. The Chiefs defense just could not handle the fast pace change the Luck and the Colts threw at them in the end.

Hopefully the four teams coming off a bye week sat in front of the screen watching these games. It sometimes hurts them having a bye but does give them more time to rest and plan. I believe the Saints will have a lot of momentum going into this weekends game with an awesome win over Nick Foles and the Eagles. Lots of close games!

 On a different note...LET'S GO COLTS AND BRONCOS!

 Until next week....stay active and Play 60.

 "COLT"en D.

Do you think Andrew Luck will be as good as Peyton?

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