January 14th, 2010

Well last week was horrible. New England got smoked when Joe Flacco only passed for 34 yards and 1 interception. We should look ahead now so my predictions for the Divisional Playoffs are...

- Baltimore @ Indianapolis-This is going to be no contest. Indy will smoke them. It will be 48-21. Peyton Manning will be the standout player. He will pass for 400+ yards and 3+ touchdowns.

- New York Jets @ San Diego-Again no contest. Last week the Jets got lucky. Sanchez has little pro experience and San Diego will still beat them 35-24. Phillip Rivers will be the standout player. He will pass for 280+ yards and 2+ touchdowns.

- Arizona @ New Orleans-Tough one. Arizona lost to the Steelers in the Super Bowl last year. Also the Saints have been falling apart but I still think that New Orleans can pull it off, 27-17. Drew Brees will be the standout player passing for 260+ yards and 1+ touchdown.

- Dallas @ Minnesota-Hardest one. I want to see Brett Favre have another ring but I think the Cowboys will win, 21-20. Although they will lose Brett Favre will be the standout player with 190+ yards and 2+ touchdowns.

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