Gearing up for the Combine!

I really want to watch the combine. I really want to see Nick Fairley of Auburn. I also want to see if Cam Newton will go into the draft. Nick Fairley is the only real player that I know. Although, I still think Andrew Luck might enter into the draft too because of his AMAZING year.

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  • Dallas Cowboys

    February 22, 2011

    kingvon · draftee

    cam newton get pepared for them cowboys and that dudegoodhands

  • New York Giants

    February 19, 2011

    JUKER10 · draftee

    NEWTON can throw 80 yds

  • Denver Broncos

    February 19, 2011

    dkrivolavek · draftee

    yay finleybyron

  • Cleveland Browns

    February 18, 2011

    nedrow · draftee

    right on

  • Green Bay Packers

    February 18, 2011

    finleybyron · draftee

    go pacers go