February 17th, 2016

Game of the Millennium: RESISTANCE vs. FIRST ORDER
A long time from now, in a galaxy far, far away, the GFL (Galactic Football League) will feature a gridiron showdown of epic proportions: The Resistance vs. The First Order!

These two teams have been fierce rivals for eons, beginning light-years ago when the teams were called The Rebels and The Empire.

The history of these two franchises is undeniably great. The Rebels have seen unbelievable performances from Hall of Famers such as quarterback Luke Skywalker, wide-receiver Han Solo, running backs Qui-Gon Jinn and Obe-Won Kenobe, tight-end Chewie Chewbacca, linebacker Mace Windu, defensive back Lando Calrissian, general manager Leia Organa and legendary head coach Yoda.

The Empire had many Hall of Famers of its own, with several making the GFL’s all-millennium team. These include QB Darth Vader (formerly Anakin Skywalker, who changed his name when he left the now defunct Jedi and joined the Empire as a free agent), wide receiver Darth Maul, robotic tackling-machine linebacker General Grievous, defensive lineman Count Dooku, and legendary head coach Darth "Emperor" Sidious (formerly Chancellor Palpatine of the GFL team The Republic, who changed his name when he joined The Empire as a free agent).

Now that these two teams have changed their names to The Resistance and The First Order, what can we expect from this epic match-up?

Join us as we profile the new stars of these two teams.

Starting tomorrow we'll tell you all about the dynamic new QB for The Resistance.

Can you guess who that’s going to be???

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