April 15th, 2013

From Last to First?

I think the Detroit Lions have the best chance of a last place team to make the playoffs this season.

Here are the reasons why I think they will make the playoffs:

1. They added Reggie Bush, a solid running back, which they didn't have last year, and David Akers, who is a great kicker. These acquisitions can only help them become a better team. 

2. They have a great QB in Matthew Stafford, a dynamic WR in Calvin Johnson, and a strong DT in Ndamukong Suh.

3. They have a high pick in this year’s Draft and should get an impactful player. 

4. Despite losing some key players this offseason such as Titus Young, Jason Hanson, 
Kevin Smith, and Cliff Avril, the Lions are still a young team that should have most of their good players for years to come.

Although it is a great division, the Bears, Packers, and Vikings lost some key players. The Bears lost Brian Urlacher, the Packers lost Greg Jennings and the Vikings lost Percy Harvin. All these players helped their team in many ways. This should help the Lions.


The Lion’s coaching staff is solid and they usually make the right choices. They don’t have an easy schedule, but with the talent that they have, they should be able to win most of their games. The last time Detroit had a losing record, they came back the next year and went to the playoffs. Therefore, don't be surprised if they Lions make it to the playoffs this season. 


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