January 29th, 2013

Football News 2: Super Bowl Edition

Hello and welcome to the Football News I'm Evan and today we are talking about the Super Bowl. Questions are, what do you think the score will be, who do you think will win, and what extreme plays do you think the players will make? So first of all, lets hit the first question.

1. What do you think the score will be?
To be honest I think the Ravens are going to win 21-17. I think that the Ravens will get a lot of sacks and turnovers. The strong defense will get the O-line tired and then, sack the quarterback and make him very uncomfortable in the pocket.

2. Who do you think the most masterful player in the game will be?
Ray Lewis, because this is his last game ever in the NFL. Also, Ray Lewis will be very emotional on his last game, and use that emotion to his side. I will miss him and feel free to post comments if you want tell me what you are going to miss about him the most.

3. What extreme plays do you think will be made?
I think the Ravens defense will shift the game by getting some interceptions in the game. I think at least three will be made. Also, I think Ray and Ed the double gangers (I call them that) will get some great interceptions.

That's it for the football news I'm Evan and you were reading the Football News 2.



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