November 5th, 2015

Fluffy's Favs
WHAT? I got a LOSS last week? What the cat nip is a going here? HOW DID THOSE RAVENS-BIRDS WIN?

That dumb dog Bert will never let me live it down. And he's going to be yapping about his Broncos-over-the-Packers pick all week. I think I'll go take a nap.

This week I will get back to my purrfect ways. Meow!

Eagles vs Cowboys This kitty can smell fear in the Eagles after their loss to my Panthers two weeks ago. Not even a bye week could help them rest their wings to flap fast enough to keep up with the Cowboys this week. I hope the Cowboys are ready to clean up the feathers when this match up is all done.

Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals HAHAHAHA! Cats vs. "Dawgs"... enough said. This game will be over so quickly that the kitties can get back to their cat naps after some very light exercise. I can't wait to rub Bert's nose in this one!

Panthers vs Packers This game is going to be close and the Packers will probably pack some punches and win... just kidding my fellow felines! This pretty kitty would never make such a silly pick. Remember how four teams are still undefeated? My Panthers are among them and will stay that way.

Last week's record: 2-1

Season record: 5-1

I suggest that you make your own Pick Em picks right now because if you're like me, you feel a nice nap coming on!

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