January 29th, 2013

Fiesta Football In Hawaii

Aloha! We all wish we were in Hawaii. I can't wait for this weekend, it's one of my favorite games of the whole season. I think we will see a lot of big plays but we will also see a lot of joking around by the players.


Adrian Peterson has potential to have a big game because he had one of the best rushing seasons of all time. He will have some big runs on Sunday. Another player that stands out is Julius Peppers. He wasn't talked of much but I think he will get past Richie Incognito (Guard from Miami) and then eventually get to the quarterback and perform well, getting a sack or two. I think that the Giants FB Henry Hynoski should have been in the Pro Bowl. He blocked well for Ahmad Bradshaw, David Wilson and Andre Brown. Henry also got some good receptions in the season. Even though he doesn't have the best stats he still is a pretty good fullback. Another player that should have made the Pro Bowl at least as a reserve is Eric Decker from Denver. With Peyton Manning at the helm he is having a great season. We know he isn't the very best but he is productive and a big part of the Broncos winning season.

Go check out the Nike Pro Bowl Uniforms they look really cool! The NFC jerseys are all blue. They have white letters and numbers with a red border and they also say NATIONAL. The teams logo is on the top part of their chest to the right. NFC players have white pants. The AFC jerseys are all white with red letters and a blue border and they also say AMERICAN. The teams logo is in the top right part of the chest. AFC players wear red pants. The helmets for both squads are the NFL teams helmets.



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Who do you think will perform the better?

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