August 15th, 2012

Fantasy Football Tips: Advice from the Champion

Hey all you NFLRUSH Fantasy players, we caught up with last season's grand prize winner, Evan. He shared some the secrets that took him to the top.  Check it out:


NFLRUSH: What key piece of advice would you give to a Fantasy newbie?


Evan: Listen to all advice especially from someone who plays fantasy fooball (like your dad ). He has some good ideas.


NFLRUSH: How important is analyzing that week’s opposing team when making your choices?


Evan: It's always good to check the defense rank in running and passing and look at the offensive leaders that week.


NFLRUSH: Do you have any players that you 'lock' for the season or do you set a new lineup each week?


Evan: Always check the byes and lock in the hot players weekly if the matchup is good.


NFLRUSH: Are you mostly playing on your computer or on a mobile phone or tablet?


Evan: pc & laptop


NFLRUSH: Do you try to pick players from your favorite team(s), or just go for who's hot that week?


Evan: Some of my favorites are not on great teams, so I don't pick them. Go with the hot matchup week by week and position by position.


NFLRUSH: Do you think you can repeat as champion this year?


Evan: That's my plan, we already signed up. "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?"






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