March 28th, 2012

Ethan's Free Agency Round Up

The free agency period has been crazy this year, especially for the quarterbacks. Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning were the biggest free agents of the season. Peyton Manning was released by the Colts and picked up by the Broncos. Tim Tebow was released by the Broncos and picked up by the Jets.


These moves work for all the teams involved. It works for the Colts because now they have a chance to draft a young quarterback. It works for the Broncos because they dropped a young, inexperienced quarterback and got a great veteran, Manning. It works for the Jets because they wanted to bring the Wildcat offense back which they lost 2 years ago with the loss of Brad Smith. Tim Tebow will be a great back up quarterback for Mark Sanchez. These were the biggest free agent moves of the off-season.

Which team got the best deal in the free agent trades for quarterback?

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