April 3rd, 2014

Draft + Redskins = A Good Next Season???

As most of you already know the Redskins did not really play good last year, but we could blame this on Mike Shanahan (Ex-Head Coach of the Redskins). The Redskins were supposed to get a #2 overall pick in the draft, but due to getting RGIII they will have to fork this over to the Rams. But, guess what? The Redskins signed Desean Jackson so as NFL NETWORK said "it is almost like they got that draft spot back." And you know what, it actually might turn out to be that way. But, one of the things that the Redskins need to improve on is having bigger and bulkier offensive line. One of the specific players that we may get is a tackle form Alabama. Well, it looks like all our lines need work including the Defensive and Offensive positions. One of the areas that that Washington greatly struggles in is the Defense. So, when we come to the end of it we ask ourselves if this equation is true or false: Draft + Redskins = A Good Next Season?


NFL RUSH Kid Reporter


What do you think the Redskins need to hopefully make far in the season?

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