November 1st, 2012

Dolphins Sneak Past The Colts

Hey NFLRUSHERS -- I am back with upset alert!


This week 69% of you have the Colts beating the Dolphins. Are you out of your minds? The Dolphins are playing great as of late, and have won their last 3 games, all against pretty good teams. The defense is swarming and the offense is running smoothly. Ryan Tannehill is finding his stride and the Dolphins are doing well. I think the Colts are just ok this year. Andrew Luck has been a little inconsistent this year against good defenses like the Bears, and I think the Colts squeaked by an average Titans team. The Dolphins have been hot lately and their rise poses the question, can they make the playoffs?

Last week, I also picked the Dolphins over the Jets. For once, I was right. Ryan Tannehill was firing on all cylinders and managed the game well, even without really throwing that many passes. The defense swarmed an inconsistent Mark Sanchez and the Dolphins were victorious, 30-9.

Upset Pick Record: 1-3 (Woot, I am on the board!)



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


Can the Dolphins make the playoffs?

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