September 12th, 2012

Detroit Lions - Week 1

I was able to see -- in person! -- the Detroit Lions Week 1 football game on Sunday at Ford Field. The experience was thrilling, and I was able to notice several details while I was there, both fortunate and disappointing.


Quarterback Matthew Stafford had over 300 yards, and his favorite target, Calvin Johnson, was able to get over 100 yards in the 60 minutes that they played. However, Stafford threw three interceptions in the first half and got the Lions off to a bumpy start.


Luckily, the defense came out strong. Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley and Cliff Avril were all able to force sacks on Sam Bradford. Suh also made a one-handed tackle on Steven Jackson in the backfield. Corey Williams forced a fumble as well. Though they let the St. Louis Rams score 20 points, the defense restricted any explosive plays.


Kevin Smith was the star player of the game. With Jahvid Best injured and Mikel Leshoure suspended, he was the spotlight running back for the game. After his performance, I have hope that the Lions will have a good running game this year. He had 62 rushing yards and 29 yards in the air. His last play of the game was a touchdown pass to put the Lions up by four points with 10 seconds left in the game. He was also the player of the game.


Stafford seemed a bit jittery in the first half, but he was able to screw his head on for the rest of the game. The defense and the running game looks fantastic. The Lions might have a great season ahead of them!



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