February 2nd, 2013

Today is Saturday.  I had the whole day free so I wanted to go back to the NFL Experience.  There were a lot more people there than the last time.  I ran into a lot of Redskins fans.   I even met a cheese head which means he is a fan of the Green Bay Packers and we took a picture together when he found out I was the NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid.


Me and my brother Brandon signed up for a flag football training clinic.  I got a red PLAY 60 shirt and so did everyone else that participated.  Some of the things we did in clinic were wide receiver drills, running back drills, lineman drills and flag football.


 I got to do the course at Quaker again.  I was able to get another stress ball and they recognized me.


I got Thomas Morstead’s autograph.  He is the punter for New Orleans.  He took a picture with me and said “Do you want to wear the Super Bowl ring for the picture?” and I said yes!  I got to wear a Super Bowl ring!

I was still looking  for Redskin players but didn’t find any.  I did find though a bunch of Redskin stuff.  At the NFL Experience they had Santana Moss’s shoes, Sammy Baugh’s shoes, RGIII’s Baylor signed helmet, Redskins SuperBowl ring, and Sonny Jurgensons  jersey.


My hands are tiny compared to the football players. I know  that because there were concrete slabs of their hands.  I put my hands in the print of Andrew Luck and Ray Lewis’s hand.  They had lockers like the players , I found the locker of RGIII and Andrew Luck.  I knew RGIII’s wasn’t just like his because it did not have Superhero action figures in it like his does.


 And that was my day in New Orleans.  Tomorrow is the Super Bowl!

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