December 29th, 2016

Courtney and Andrew on Packers Live!

Wisconsin Ambassadors on “Packers Live”!

Recently, we were invited by the Wisconsin Dairy Council to attend the Larry McCarren show as we have been very active for the last several years with the FUTP 60 program. Many of us started in this program back in elementary school. Now that we are in high school, we are looking for activities that interest high school participation.

Larry McCarren, AKA "The Rock", played for the Green Bay Packers as a center for 12 seasons and is now in the Hall of Fame. He hosts “Packers Live”, which is shot live at Lambeau Field in the Legends Club on Monday evenings. His guest that evening was Morgan Burnett, #42 Safety for the Packers. We took our crew of FUTP 60 Ambassadors, two who had never been to Lambeau before!

Before the game, we went to the Packers Pro Shop and saw Morgan Burnett shopping with his family! That was pretty sweet! He was a super nice guy and even let us get some pictures with him!
The Larry McCarren show was pretty cool. We weren't sure what to expect, but since we all really like football, we found the show to be really interesting.

Overall it was a great experience. Not only were we there to represent FUTP 60, but so were several other schools from around the state. It was great to talk with Mr. McCarren about FUTP 60 and let all of those who watched the show find out about it as well! We would definitely go to a Larry McCarren show again. Thank you FUTP 60 for partnering with the NFL and to the Wisconsin Dairy Council for your support (and for the tickets that night!).

Courtney and Andrew
Summit Ambassadors
9th Grade

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