Cornerback, Come Back

Today, I want to talk about which team I think Darrelle Revis will go to, and which teams need corner back help. These are the top teams that I think need help at corner back: Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and of course the team that currently has Darrelle, the New York Jets.

The Browns need someone to match up with Joe Haden. The Jaguars don't have anyone really on their roster and could really use the help. The Dolphins traded away Vontae Davis, lost Sean Smith in free agency, and the guys remaining on their roster are just mediocre. The Eagles need someone to match up with Bradley Fletcher. The Bucs definitely need help and seem to be the only team really trying to get Revis. The Panthers just need somebody badly. The Chargers don't have a lot of CB's on the roster at all. The Raiders need a lot of help, and if they don't get CB help, then the defense will cause more loses. The Redskins could use better talent. The Packers lost some key players, so they could use some help to fill their spots. The Vikings could use someone to match up with Chris Cook. The Jets could use Revis and need the defense to play a lot better than last year.

I think that when the season starts, Darrelle Revis will be playing for the Buccaneers. They seem to be the most interested in the guy, and they have enough money to pay him. We'll wait and see!



Where do you think Revis will end up?

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  • Cincinnati Bengals

    April 24, 2013

    jburke2003 · practice squad

    i thought same thing!

  • Denver Broncos

    April 4, 2013

    tebowwow · draftee

    he wouldn't go to denver ravens flow the only reason the ravens got a touchdown was because our safety not our cornerbacks our corner backs are good

  • Philadelphia Eagles

    April 4, 2013

    asad91025 · 2nd string

    Williams, Fletcher and Revis. Best secondary in the league

  • Buffalo Bills

    April 2, 2013

    beasy7 · draftee

    Go Bills! By the way they need them!

  • Baltimore Ravens

    March 31, 2013

    Ravensflow · practice squad


  • Philadelphia Eagles

    March 29, 2013

    phillyrocks81 · draftee


  • Baltimore Ravens

    March 29, 2013

    ravennation808 · draftee

    probably packers

  • Miami Dolphins

    March 28, 2013

    m1fins · draftee

    the pack

  • Green Bay Packers

    March 27, 2013

    packfan892 · 2nd string


  • Baltimore Ravens

    March 27, 2013

    ravbeg · 2nd string


  • Cleveland Browns

    March 27, 2013

    browns1233 · draftee


  • Jacksonville Jaguars

    March 25, 2013

    allprobrady · veteran

    let him go to steelers

  • San Francisco 49ers

    March 25, 2013

    arabemoney49 · draftee


  • Minnesota Vikings

    March 25, 2013

    kalil75 · practice squad


  • New York Jets

    March 25, 2013

    fermot · practice squad

    Keep 'em jets

  • Denver Broncos

    March 25, 2013

    hermn8r · draftee

    the 49ers should get him

  • Denver Broncos

    March 25, 2013

    hermn8r · draftee

    first comment