February 19th, 2013

"Cool" Joe Flacco deserved to win MVP of Super Bowl XLVII. Joe led the offense and kept them working together as a team when it appeared that they were going to lose. He played with a no fear attitude when the 49ers were making their attempt at a comeback. Joe passed for 287 yards and had three awesome touchdowns. He led his team to a 34-31 victory by completing 22 of 33 passes and had no interceptions against the San Francisco 49ers. Joe's speech after the game was inspirational for young football players because he talked about how hard their team worked together all year and then achieved this great win.

Jacoby Jones made amazing plays. Late in the first half of the game, he made a 56 yard touchdown from Joe Flacco to increase the lead to 21-3. He started the second half with a beastly 108 yard kick-off return which tied for the longest return in NFL history. This play put the Ravens further on top by 28-6. There was no one stopping his run. Not only was this fun for all the NFL fans watching the Super Bowl, a local furniture store in the Baltimore area had to give away $600,000 of furniture to people due to Jones' play. that's what I'm talking about!

The Raven's defense shouldn't be overlooked in Super Bowl XLVII. Ray Lewis' announcement of his retirement definitely seemed to ignite the will to want by his teammates. The team wanted to send him off with another ring. Ray had 7 tackles in the Super Bowl. I think it was very brave for him to finish his career with his arm injury that had prevented him from playing earlier in the season. Ed Reed had an interception as well as stopped the 49ers from tying the game in the 3rd quarter when he stopped their 2-point conversion. I liked his tribute to his long-time friend Ray Lewis when he imitated Ray's dance. Ed also showed respect to his teammate in the interviews after the game. The Ravens defense, led by their veterans, stopped the 49ers four plays from their 7 yard line to prevent the 49er's from winning.

It was a great game for fans to watch. I enjoyed it very much.



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


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