February 19th, 2013

Combine Time...

Well it's that time of year when all college seniors and draft eligible head to Indianapolis for the yearly NFL combine. I will be watching to see how the quarterbacks perform, as there are about 6-8 teams I believe need a quarterback.

The top 3, in my eyes are:
1. Geno Smith of West Virginia: He has some speed in those feet, and accurate arm. His down side could be his size, listed at 6'3" not sure how accurate that is, but we will find out on his official measurement. I think he will be very good in the NFL and think he definitely could be the first QB taken.

2. Matt Barkley of USC: He of course is one of my favorites, being a USC fan, and respect him for staying for his senior year. He will not be throwing at the combine because of of a shoulder injury, but am sure he will throw on the USC pro day. He handles the pressure well, he's intelligent but at times his passes are a bit inaccurate. He could definitely be a first round pick, I would love him to land with my Chargers.

3. Landry Jones of Oklahoma: Has good size, a strong accurate arm. His down side is he sometimes has trouble winning the "big" games, hopefully that could turn around in the NFL.

But like any quarterback if your O-line is top notch you will have a good quarterback. Here's to an outstanding Combine and wishing everyone luck.



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