February 22nd, 2013

Combine Record vs. Animal Kingdom: Jerome Simpson vs. Kangaroo

The Contest:  Broad Jump


The Contestants:  WR Jerome Simpson flew farther than any other NFL Scouting Combine athlete in 2008 when he soared a distance of 11 feet 4 inches in the broad jump. Let's not forget his amazing flip from 2011.


A kangaroo is one of the most well-known jumpers in the animal kingdom.  At top speed, the largest of the species can jump up to 40 feet. We got a younger smaller kangaroo for this match-up to give Jerome a chance.

The Spin:  While the kangaroo can do amazing things on the run, we are jumping from a complete stand-still. Throw in the smaller contestant and we have ourselves a contest.  Maybe they can face off in a boxing match after.

Who would win the broad jump challenge?

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