February 3rd, 2011

Cole's Prediction for the Pete Rozelle Trophy
"Who do you think will take home the Pete Rozelle Trophy? Give a shout!"

I can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday! What a great match up! Who will win? Will it be a close game? Who will be named MVP? It’s the game we have been waiting for all season. I could write about so many aspects of the game but I’ll focus on who I’m predicting to take home the Pete Rozelle Trophy for Most Valuable Player. Aaron Rodgers!


He had big shoes to fill coming in after Brett Favre. Rodgers has truly made a name for himself with the Packers and in the NFL. This season, he had 28 TDs, only 11 picks, 312 completions and 3,922 yards. He has a QB rating of 101.2 (compared to Ben Roethlisberger’s QB rating of 97.0).  Rodgers was on fire in the playoff game against Atlanta with 31 for 36 completions and 3 TDs. He had a fine performance in the game against the Bears with 1 TD, 229 yards, 19 completions and only 1 pick. This win got them to the Super Bowl.


I think the Packers want this win more. I think Aaron Rodgers wants this win for this team! His leadership and performance in a Super Bowl victory will earn him MVP. Who do you think will take home the Pete Rozelle Trophy? Give a shout!


Cole Kid Reporter

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