Class of 2013 - Curley Culp

They said he was too small for the defensive line and too slow to play linebacker. So, the Chiefs put him at nose tackle where he went on to anchor the Kansas City defensive line during one of the greatest eras for Chiefs football. 


Curley Culp Facts


He was a five-time Pro Bowl section and won the George Halas Award as the defensive player of the year in 1975.


Culp revolutionized the nose tackle position and is credited with helping legitimize the 3-4 defensive formation.


A Pro Football Weekly panel named him to the All-Time 3-4 defensive team. 


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    September 30, 2013

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    the Baseball field is still on their LOL

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  • Kansas City Chiefs

    July 31, 2013

    indianchief99 · 2nd string

    Yes Curley is now in the Hall of Fame.

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