October 26th, 2012

Changes in Scenery

With the trade deadline approaching, we are awaiting one big blockbuster trade that blows it open. I think the biggest name in New York may be going home. Yeah, that's right; I think the Jets are going to trade Tebow by the deadline. Jacksonville seems like the perfect fit, an out of whack team, with no true quarterback. The support for Tebow would be huge. After all, he is the hometown hero, winning two national championships for the Florida Gators, and being arguably the greatest college football player ever. Jacksonville will have Tebow in their arms after the October 30th trade deadline.

I also think another big name might be on the move. Steven Jackson has been the anchor on the less than mediocre Rams for the past few years. It seems like he is falling off, but I think he just needs a change in scenery. If he goes to a team that has a chance, but needs a running back, we might see the second coming of Steven Jackson. With the rise of Daryl Richardson, Steven Jackson could be the main running back on teams like the Packers or Jets that need help at that position, but still have a chance to make the playoffs. Keep an eye out for moves that might happen before the trade deadline.



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