Jun 14 2017


What in the heck is that guy doing to Edelman with that red poker?!

Give us your caption in the comments!

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  • Los Angeles Rams


    billeh · practice squad

    That red crayon is what makes julian Edelman's gloves red!

  • Carolina Panthers

    June 21

    jaguar523 · veteran

    run Edelman

  • Seattle Seahawks

    June 17

    nickk2004 · veteran

    get some fingernail polish on

  • New England Patriots

    June 17

    latham · practice squad

    he is making him run slower and slower and slower and slower and slower and stop running

  • New York Giants

    June 16

    nfltreezy · 2nd string

    Faster faster

  • Philadelphia Eagles

    June 16

    nflbritt · practice squad

    i dont care

  • New England Patriots

    June 15

    shadow302 · practice squad

    Im Lancelot!!!!!!

  • Miami Dolphins

    June 15

    josiah1213 · practice squad

    outjuke an arm or leg tackle

  • New England Patriots

    June 15

    patsnfljr · veteran


  • Denver Broncos

    June 15

    loginrush · 2nd string


  • New England Patriots

    June 15

    gator04 · starter

    Whoa! Giant crayon!

  • Philadelphia Eagles

    June 14

    ktrose · practice squad

    He is poking him saying "are you in the end zone yet? are you there yet?" haha

  • Oakland Raiders

    June 14

    cttigers · free agent

    dont let the huge crayon touch you

  • Tennessee Titans

    June 14

    annamh1125 · practice squad

    maybe he hates him

  • Washington Redskins

    June 14

    den1960 · starter

    Protect the Football

  • San Francisco 49ers

    June 14

    froggy · free agent

    maybe this red giant q-tip can stop the Patriots offense?