July 23rd, 2012

Caleb's Fantasy Lineup for Week 1
  1. My NFLRUSH Fantasy Football Roster for Week 1 makes me feel quite confident. For my quarterback I chose Matthew Stafford since the Lions are playing the St. Louis Rams for Week 1.


  1. The Rams' defense is, unfortunately, not very efficient. My running back is Darren Sproles of the New Orleans Saints. Though, relatively speaking, his statistics are not amazing, his fast running abilities make him a very strong weapon against defenses.


  1. Calvin Johnson is my wide receiver. It is quite obvious why I chose him. After dominating in 2011, I am very hopeful that he will do it again this year, and, if possible, he will be on my roster for most of the season.


  1. The tight end that I chose was Jimmy Graham. He and Drew Brees, who I picked for my wild card, make a very good team and dominate on the field. Last, but not least, I picked the Giants for my defense. Though both the Packers’ and the 49ers’ defenses are good, their offenses are too, and they both play eachother for Week 1.


  1. Hopefully the Giants can take advantage of Tony Romo’s imperfections. As you will notice, except for the Giants on defense, my roster contains only Lions and Saints players. Hopefully the players on each team will work together to get me points at the same time.



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