January 10th, 2014

Bye Week Team Predictions.

Hi everyone! Here are my predictions for this divisional playoff week.

1. Saints - Seahawks. The Seahawks beat the Saints once, they will do it again. The Seahawks are well rested and are ready to send the Saints home weeping, just like they did last time. I think Seahawks win this one 34-24.

2. 49ers - Panthers. The Panthers walked away with a 1 point win in Week 10, but they will lose to the 49ers this time. I don't think that the bye week will do to much for them. The 49ers will win this game 35-10.

3.Colts - Patriots. I am choosing the Colts in this game. They have a huge amount of momentum. I don't think the bye week will do so much for them either. The Colts win 49-38.

4. Broncos - Chargers. I think the Chargers got lucky last week. The Broncos have last year to think about to. The bye week. Losing to the sixth seed. But, they will win this game 35-24.




Do you think I chose the right teams?

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