May 11th, 2014

Biggest Draft Surprise

Hi everyone! The NFL Draft is over, and that means the regular season is closer! I believe the biggest surprise of the draft was the No. 3 pick, when the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Blake Bortles. It was shocking for many reasons, but two main reasons why it was shocking is, 1. He was taken before Johnny Manziel, and 2. The Jaguars just extended QB Chad Henne's contract. Maybe they didn't take Manziel because he was only in his first year of college, and they thought he was to young. They may have wanted a more matured QB. The reason I say it was shocking for Bortles to go to Jacksonville after they extended Chad Hennes contract is because I thought they were committed to him. I thought thats why they extended his contract, so he would start. Now, Jacksonville has a QB war on their hands.


Who was the best undrafted NFL player?

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