September 18th, 2011

Best Week 1 Falcons Performance

The player on my favorite team, the Falcons, that had the best Week 1 performance was wide receiver Julio Jones. Jones has been doing very well so far this season. He is in the Falcons' starting line up and racking up a large amount of passing yards. He played the Eagles the other night in the Georgia Dome.


How Mike Smith could use Julio Jones besides passing him the ball is by letting Jones run some reverses since he has amazing speed. That will help the Falcons get yardage and possibly score some touchdowns. Jones had 71 receiving yards the game they played the Bears even though the Falcons lost.


Julio Jones is a play maker. When it comes down to the last seconds of the game, and the Falcons are down by one touchdown, they should pass the ball to Julio Jones because he will get the job done.


Overall, in my opinion, Julio Jones is one of the most promising Atlanta Falcons players.


NFL RUSH Kids Reporter,


Peyton Ringer

How many yards will Julio Jones get this week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

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