January 29th, 2013

Best Player in the Pro Bowl is...

Julio Jones will be the best player in this year's Pro Bowl.


If you watched the NFC Championship game last week, you would know about Jones' incredible ability to sprint down the field and then make a big play. In the NFC championship, Julio caught 11 passes for over 180 yards. He also had 2 touchdowns. In this year's Pro Bowl,


Julio was set to be a backup wide receiver until the Bears' receiver, Brandon Marshall, and the Lions' receiver, Calvin Johnson, got injured. Julio Jones also has 3 great quarterbacks throwing to him. Those quarterbacks are Drew Brees, Russel Wilson, and Eli Manning. Drew Brees alone threw 43 touchdown passes, Russel Wilson threw 26, and Eli Manning also threw 26. All three of them combined threw 95 touchdowns!


With those 3 elite quarterbacks, look for Jones to have at least 2 touchdown grabs and 100 yards.



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