June 6th, 2014

Best Linebacker In This Year's Draft


I think that the Oakland Raiders drafted the best linebacker in Khalil Mack. It was a great pick for them because they needed one. They have Mack starting on the outside, Roach in the middle and Burnett on the right. Mack is better than both of them because he is quicker, faster, stronger, and is great at defending the run. Once he has experience in the league he will be great. The Raiders have a great pass rush now with Justin Tuck on the right and Lamar Woodley on the left. Mack will work well with Woodley when they pass rush together. In the middle they have Pat Sims as their defensive end. This Raiders defense has gotten much better with the players they got from free agency but their best pick up was Khalil Mack out of Buffalo. He was obviously the best player in the draft. He will be even better after a couple years in the league. My prediction is that he will be one of the greatest linebackers in the league. A great pick by the Oakland Raiders.


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