March 30th, 2011

Behind the Games: NFLRZ Chicken


What is "Behind The Games?"

There's an exciting new game coming to the NFLRush Zone! I should know, I'm the NFLRZ Game Master! I've been coming up with different ways to punt, pass, kick, and power up in all our games for 4 years now. It's been a real blast.

We get a lot of questions about games, so from time to time, I'll be checking in with you to keep you updated on new games coming out. We're calling it "Behind The Games."

I'll also share some of the silly stories behind how we make games for NFLRush and NFLRush Zone. Who knows, I may even take some game title suggestions from you!

Are you game for some Chicken?

As the Game Master, I'm really excited about our newest game. It's just about ready and it's called "Chicken." I think you are going to like it.

We wanted to make a quick play PvP game that we could have some fun with. So the team and I sat down and we started talking about chicken. Not BBQ chicken, and not fried chicken, but the game of chicken.

Chicken is where two people face off and run at each other. The person who moves out of the way first loses. If no one moves and you both hit each other, technically you both lose...but that was not the point we wanted to make.

We thought it would be really fun to put NFL helmets on some animated chickens and test players' nerves by making them run at each other. The player who times it right and waits 'till the last second wins the game.

In our first test of the game, we felt like we were missing something. Mark, one of our animators, thought it would be fun to show some extra animation. He suggested something like the loser getting eggs splattered on them.

We liked the idea and added it to the game! Here are a few screen shots from the animation. I think you'll like them.

The game comes out on Thursday, March 31. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our latest game!

It's Game Time!

Game Master

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