October 6th, 2011

Become an NFLRUSH Pick Em Master
Are you ready unlock the skills you need to become a master of the NFLRUSH Pick Em app for iOS and Android? Here are the tips you need to know!

Get Into the Game - Game Chat

Have something to say? Just click the Game Chat button next to any matchup to bring up the Game Chat screen. From here just click where it says Say something... and start typing. When you're done click the Shout button to post your comment.

Know Where You Stand - Check the Leaderboards

Want to know how you're doing? You can check your score and accuracy right in the app! Click the Leaderboard button at the bottom of the app to bring up the Leaderboards.

You can see how you did in the past week, all season long, and versus other NFLRUSHers on your team!

Go Head to Head - Join a League

Ready to take on your fellow NFLRUSHers? Time to join a League! Click the Leagues button at the bottom of the app to bring up the Leagues screen, where you can see the most popular Leagues. You can also search for a League by by name.

To join a League, just click on its name. From here you can check your score versus the other members of the League.

Take On Your Friends - Make a League

Want to make a League for just you and your friends? From the Leagues screen click +New. Type in your Leagues name and select if you want it Public (anyone can join) or Private (they'll need a password) and then click the Start League button - if it was private you'll also have to add a password.

You've now made your League! Tell your friends the League name and have them go to Browse and type it in and join.
Now you're set to be an Pick Em master! Don't have the app? Get it now - it's free!
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