February 14th, 2013

Battle of the Brothers

The Super Bowl wasn't the best game for awhile. The Ravens were pounding the 49ers, and then the power went out. I think that was the biggest play of the game, and it wasn't even an actual play. It sure worked like one. The momentum shifted and the 49ers stormed back into the game. The power going out made the Super Bowl a game. I imagine it like this: Jim and John Harbaugh are playing Nintendo as little kids. John is beating Jim. They know its raining and the power might go out. Then all of a sudden it goes off. They don't know what happened but Jim might have pulled the plug. They start the game over, and Jim comes close, but the game stalls and John wins. That is kind of like what happened. I think that even though that they say it wasn't the 49ers we can always wonder. I don't think it is though.

I also think the MVP of the Super Bowl should have been Jacoby Jones. As a Texans fan I hate to say this but he was awesome in the game with kick return for a touchdown and an amazing touchdown catch. Joe Flacco was awesome, but Jacoby Jones was very valuable to the Ravens in that game. The Super Bowl was unforgettable with a twist for the ages.



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Matthew H


Who should have been Super Bowl MVP?

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