December 16th, 2010

Arian Who?

My pick for MVP this year is Arian Foster. Foster leads all running backs with 1,330 rushing yards. He also leads all running backs with 13 touchdowns. In addition to what he’s done rushing the ball this year, he’s also a big receiving threat, with 504 receiving yards. He would lead in that category also if it weren’t for LeSean McCoy having 34 more yards.


In addition to being overlooked by fantasy football owners, all 32 NFL teams also overlooked him as he wasn’t even picked in the NFL draft.


I know quarterbacks usually get picked for the MVP, but this year I think it should go to Arian for all he’s done for his Houston Texan team.


Sorry Clay Matthews. You are my Packer MVP for this year. As always, don’t forget to Back-The-Pack.


NFLRush kid reporter,

Johnny S

Who is your pick to be the MVP?

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