July 21st, 2012

Arian Foster:  That is All

By: DPSRules


Hey NFL RUSHERS!  Are you kidding me?  In a list of who will be the best Running Back for the 2012 season, you guys put Arian Foster at number 4 behind Ray Rice, Maurice Jones-Drew, and LeSean McCoy?  REALLY? You're out of your minds.  The best RB this year will be Arian Foster.  In fact, he will be so good that he'll take up the first three slots, then maybe Ray Rice will be number 4.  


So my list is:

1.     Arian Foster

2.     Arian Foster

3.     Arian Foster

4.     Ray Rice

5.     LeSean McCoy


I know he can't be all three slots, but I'm making a point!  Here's why: Last year his season was overlooked a little because of his injury at the start of the season.  Despite that, Foster was awesome.  He gets consistent work in the Texan's offense and posts monster numbers.  I'm predicting a season with 2,000-plus total yards and double digit scores – I'm telling you MONSTER numbers.  He should be your runaway number one pick.



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