August 15th, 2014

Kid Reporter: Another Thursday Night Throw Down
As the preseason arrived so did NFL teams preparation for the regular season. Teams getting ready for games from an easy win to a very tough match. This season the Jets have a good amount of both heading in to their 2014 season. Particularly a road game against the Patriots. It brings a rivalry but is actually a pretty annual thing. This is the third season in a row where the Jets have played the Patriots on a Thursday night. Of course both were losses and also included the "butt fumble" but this year the Jets are trying to change their history against the longtime division champs. They now have a more developed Geno Smith, a dangerous defensive line, and of course new additions in Eric Decker and Chris Johnson to make this matchup even more interesting so here is my prediction for the big rivalry. Jets -20 Patriots -17. I think this will be a great game because for the first time in a while the teams are evenly matched. It might be a shock for some people but if you think about it there a chance the Patriots will finally have competition. The Patriots secondary is much better than the Jets have a stronger Front 7. Also the Patriots might have better receivers and tight ends because of depth and overall talent, but the Jets have the edge at running backs with a superb attack with Chris Johnson, Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell. The only problem is that the Patriots have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady who have the edge over Rex Ryan and Geno Smith. Despite that I believe the Jets come through with solid defense especially in the secondary which has been a struggle and also a good quarterback play to beat Tom Brady at home. I always loved this matchup as it's been a highlight of how good football can be. The Jets and Patriots aren't exactly friends, more like enemies. But it's always great to see the matchup as it gets better every time and it is my favorite rivalry.

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