February 1st, 2013

Another Day of Football Talk

I don't know about you guys but I can't wait until Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl XLVII. In case you didn't know it will be the San Francisco 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens at 6:30 on CBS this Sunday. Last week I was right with part of my predictions and I was lucky to get the score right for the Ravens. I hope this will be same on the biggest game of them all, the Super Bowl.

I can almost guarantee that the game will be close at the beginning and will slip towards the end. Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore are going to have a good rushing game even with Baltimore's great defense. I also predict that Flacco will throw 200+ and all there WR/TE will have a good game with "hey diddle diddle Ray Rice up the middle". Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are going to try to stop the 49ers hot offence with Colin K., Michael C., Frank G., and Randy M.

I believe that the Baltimore Ravens to some may be luck, will beat the San Francisco 49ers. The reason why I think so will be because of Ray Lewis and the Ravens will work hard one more time to get another ring for the true legend. It will be hard but it will be like the Vikings beating the Packers right before the playoffs, but Ray and his teammates will give effort. The score will be 35-28 a Ravens win.


Hope you enjoy Sunday!

Jean-Bernard Jr.
NFLRUSH Kid Reporter



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